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Capstone project (15 credit)

The Capstone Project will demonstrate the acquisition and synthesis of skills and competencies acquired in the
curriculum. Each candidate will undertake a capstone project on a topic approved by the capstone supervisor
and submit the capstone project report that contains 3,000 to 5,000 words.
The capstone project report should demonstrate 1 of the following 5 competencies below:

  • To assemble, critically review, synthesize and interpret published literature (including grey literature) on a topic related to psychosis

  • To identify and collect or retrieve relevant information about the service gaps of patients with psychosis locally and internationally

  • To assess effectiveness and efficiency of resource use for mental health services or mental health promotion activity with particular emphasis on psychosis

  • To synthesize and reflect on patient’s journey of recovery through active participation in running community activity in supporting patient

  • To collect and synthesize new knowledge in various aspects about psychosis and related illness in a research project

Taking Notes
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