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Descriptive psychopathology (6 credits)

This course will introduce the nature of the psychotic symptoms, as well as common non-psychotic symptoms. It starts with principles and techniques of symptoms assessment using the phenomenological approach. Factors important to the process of assessment and ascertainment of symptoms, and their rol diagnosis of psychotic disorders will be discussed. The definition and classification of key psychotic symptoms such as hallucinatory and delusional experiences will be enriched by discussions of their significance and key features. Related subjective phenomena (such as imagery, pseudohallucinations, over-valued ideas, confabutions) will also be explored and contrasted with core symptoms.  Assessment of negative symptoms and language disorganization will also be discussed, with introduction to the use of common instruments, as well as reliability and validity issues in measuring these symptoms.

Course coordinators: Prof Christy Hui

Image by Aaron Burden
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