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Critical appraisal and evidence-based approaches in psychosis (6 credits)

This course will systematically cover skills required for critical appraisal of research reports, particularly applied to the field of psychosis. This include considerations of sampling, sample size, statistical analysis, presentation of data, potential confounders, selection of outcome variables, interpretation of findings, and generalization of results. The importance as well as limitations of the evidence-based approach towards clinical knowledge will be discussed. This course also provide an introduction to the varieties of investigational techniques that has been applied to study the nature, causes, outcome, and intervention of psychotic disorders, so that participant will develop a capacity for assessing research evidence, as well as to plan how to address questions encounter in real-life clinical situations using appropriate methodology. Approaches will include longitudinal studies, randomized controlled studies, explanatory studies, survey, and qualitative studies.

Course coordinator: Prof Christy Hui

Researching and Writing
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