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Alumni Sharing

Miss Vivian Cheung

MPsyMed 2020 Graduate
(Research Assistant, Levelmind@JC)

Miss Vinci Chan

MPsyMed 2020 Graduate
(Project Officer,
Mindshift Educational Networking Programme)

Mr Lo Tat Man

MPsyMed 2017 Graduate
(APN(Psy), Consultation Liaison Team,
Kwai Chung Hospital)

I am inspired by this Master course in understanding knowledge and the new development in psychiatric field. I have also developed skills and techniques in interacting with our clients and care-givers. Moreover, friendship among classmates and alumni is built, we worked together with goals in psychiatric development. It is rewarding and highly recommended to everyone who is keen on professional researches and lifelong learning.

Ms Carmen Wong

MPsyMed 2017 Graduate
(Student Development Counsellor, CUHK)

I’m so glad to know this course, learnt a lot from it and got my Master degree in Psychological Medicine (Psychosis Studies) finally. I’m a student counsellor in university and as all of you know that suicidal rate among students in Hong Kong was rising at past years. This course equipped me professional knowledge about psychiatric drugs, side effects, risk of quitting medication without good communication with psychiatrists, how to use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help patients etc. Thanks Professor Chen, all the teachers for your kind teaching and thanks for all those professional guest speakers in mental health field. I learn a lot from your helping experience and real case sharing. I highly recommend this course to those people who want to know more and contribute more in mental health field.

Ms Sarah Chung

MPsyMed 2016 Graduate
(Senior Therapeutic Specialist)

Genuinely,  I would like to thank the program as well as the teachers to broaden my knowledge on psychosis and equip myself with the way of thinking which is essential for my work.

Mr William Chau

MPsyMed 2015 Graduate
(RN(Psy), Kwai Chung Hospital)

MPM program provided a great atmosphere and resources in the 2-year study. It provided updated and in-depth knowledge of psychosis in the lecture. The dissertation was a great opportunity to explore psychosis. My supervisor gave me enormous support and inspiration during the study. It is worth joining this program if you are interested in psychosis.

Ms Elke Luk

MPsyMed 2014 graduate
(Ward manager,
Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital)

I am extremely blessed to be one of the graduates of this master programme which is the only psychosis studies program offered among the universities in HK. This course does not only widen my horizon on psychosis, but most importantly, it helps me to gain better insight into the importance of early recognition and intervention of patients with early psychosis to improve long-term outcome. The role plays and interactive discussions during lectures undoubtedly made our learning experience fruitful and remarkable. I deeply appreciate Professor Chen and all doctors who dedicated themselves wholeheartedly to promote mental health education in HK. I believe that with the concerted efforts from the mental health professionals, researchers and clinicians, the heterogeneity of psychosis would be unveiled endlessly.

Mr. YB Li

MPsyMed 2014 graduate
(Nurse APN (Psy), 
Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital)

Complete the master course in Psychosis Studies, I feel like a buttery to be reborn! I learn much in-depth professional knowledge about Psychosis. The most important point is that this course has given me the inspiration to provide innovative and evidence-base service to youth to get recovery from their journey!

Ms Ceci Tsui

MPsyMed 2014 graduate
(Social Worker in NGO)

It benefited me a lot to my field as a professional social worker by completing this master degree, especially equipped me with in-depth understanding towards the psychotic patients and advanced knowledge about psychosis. I feel that I am more prepared and resourceful to provide helping service to the service users with psychotic disorders. I highly recommend the program to all who are interested in knowing more about psychosis. The teachers’ knowledge, experiences and expertise provided me with a curriculum that exceeded my expectations. They were all excellent and I really enjoyed the lessons here.

Mr Gary Chan

MPsyMed 2014 graduate

The MPsyMed programme provided students chances to explore mental illness in depth. The schizophrenic-spectrum centered curriculum enhances my knowledge to early psychosis and schizophrenia. With that knowledge, not only the core of schizophrenia and early psychosis such as symptoms could be understood but also different types of mental illness could be comprehended by analogy. As mental illness becomes an important issue in nowadays world, I think the MPsyMed programme is suitable for people who are interested.

Mr Vincent Kwong

MPsyMed 2013 graduate
(Team Leader of Outreach Support Service for Elderly Owners,
Senior Citizen Home Safety Association)

As a social worker, this master program provided an excellent opportunity for me to be equipped with in-depth knowledge and skills about psychotic disorders in Hong Kong. It was a privilege for me working with the leading professionals in the field of psychosis in completing my dissertation. The research experience was truly rewarding and it equipped me with capacity to derive insight especially in the areas of public awareness and attitude towards patients of psychosis in Hong Kong.

Mr Alan Tong

MPsyMed 2013 graduate
(Case Intervention Officer,
Department of Psychiatry, HKU)

The two-year learning-experience MPM was no doubt precious. There are few things that worth highlighting in particular. First, the guest speakers invited are all leading experts in the field, which made the course very classy. Second, classmates from multidisciplinary professions allowed for insightful discussions. Third, we managed to maintain good relationship outside classroom and would share new ideas from time to time. Last but not least, this is the first and by far the only postgraduate course that focuses on Psychosis, our pioneering dissertations in fact made significant scientific contributions.

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