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  • Am I eligible to apply for the MPsyMed/PDipPsyMed if my Bachelor's degree is not in MBBS/Psychology/Nursing/Social Work/Occupational Therapy or other healthcare-related programmes?
    Applicants who do not hold a Bachelor's degree in MBBS/Psychology/Nursing/Social Work/Occupational Therapy or other healthcare-related programmes are welcome to apply for the programme. Our graduates are from various backgrounds, including business, educations (teachers), administration etc.
  • Am I eligible to apply for the programmes if I am in the final year of undergraduate studies?
    Applicants who are in their final year of undergraduate studies should provide us with a certified copy of their available results after submission of the online application. Successful candidates will be given a conditional offer and required to submit an official transcript soon after the result of the final degree examination is known.
  • Will the Programmes arrange briefing session for the 2024/25 admission? When will it be held if there is one?
    The briefing session, if any, may be held in late February/March 2024. Please refer to our website for updates in due course.
  • What documents should I submit to support my application?
    Original/certified true copy of transcripts and certificates of undergraduate and postgraduate studies: (a) For qualifications attained from HKU or other institutions: transcript with a complete record of courses attained, examination results, overall result and date of ward (b) For current studies undertaken at HKU or other insitutions: the most up-to-date transcript You are required to mail the documents to our office. The address could be found on the Contact Us.
  • What does "officially certified or certified true copy" mean?"
    A photocopy of the original document that has been duly declared as a true copy of the original document by the applicant before a notary public (e.g. the District Offices in Hong Kong) (Please click here for details on making declarations of your documents at the District Offices. Please see a declaration sample here.) or certified by the appropriate official of your home institution (e.g. the Registry).
  • Is there a written test and/or interview for the admission exercise?
    Candidates may be invited to attend an interview. However being invited to an interview is not an indicator of the chance of admission.
  • Are there any awards or scholarships that successful applicants could apply for?
    Please visit the HKU Scholarships Office website for scholarship opportunities and contact the Scholarships Office for further information.
  • Will the classes be held on weekdays evening or weekends?
    Classes are held on weekdays evening only from 7pm to 10pm.
  • How many lectures do I have to attend every week?
    The Programmes are designed to provide flexibility to students, so the number of lectures you have to attend every week depends on your individual study plan. It could vary from one to three lectures per week depending on the number of courses we offer in each semesters and your study plan.
  • Where are the lessons conducted?
    The lessons are conducted at the Sassoon Road Campus in Pokfulam.
  • Do non-local students need a visa for studies? How to apply?
    Non-local students have to apply for valid study visa on their own, and the visas are issued by the Immigration Department, HKSAR Government. Please visit the following links for more information: (mainland students) (other international students)
  • Is there any distance learning arrangement?
    The MPsyMed/PDipPsyMed are primarily a face-to-face programme and there is no remote/online learning arrangement (except for special circumstances).
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