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Psychotic Disorder 

Psychotic disorders, including schizophrenia, are one of the top 10 causes of disability. This complex condition caused by a number of genetic and environmental factors has a community prevalence of up to 3-4%. Treatment of psychosis is complex and depends on skillful integration of biomedical and psychosocial approaches.

Programme Objectives 

This programme aims to provide opportunities for graduates with relevant background to be equipped with in-depth knowledge and skills for working in the active field of psychosis. It will also equip students with the capacity to critically contemplate the knowledge base in psychosis, and to derive information, ideas and insight that could contribute to clinical service, education, public awareness, and research in the field of psychosis.

What the programme offers

This is the only taught postgraduate programme locally offering in-depth focus in psychotic disorders in Hong Kong. Our faculty are leaders in the field and professionals from backgrounds including psychiatry, nursing, psychology, research, occupational therapy and social work.

It is anticipated that those completing the study will be ready to serve effectively in various roles (clinical, research, service development, public awareness) and develop into future leaders in the field (such as in early intervention, rehabilitation and case management).

The programmes are divided into master and diploma levels.

Programme Director: Dr Sherry KW Chan

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